Health, Safety and environmental (HSE) and POLICY

Health and Safety Policy Statement

HSE Policy Statement


DD & I Engineering is a performance driven company whose major values include the safety and health of our employees, prevention of incidents and protection of the environment. We have rigorous performance management and it is the one of the company’s main priorities to be an industry leader in accident prevention and to take a hands-on, progressive approach in the protection of our environment. DD & I Engineering is committed to conducting its business in a manner that protects the health and safety of its employees, and any other persons affected by our activities and to the protection of the environment with respect to our activities. In achieving these objectives, we will be guided by the following basic principles:

1. Provide personnel protective equipment to all employee and ensuring them to wear this outfit.

2. Ensure the personnel engage is healthy and medically fit.

3. Ensure the personnel are free from drugs and alcohol at all the time.

4. Observe the proper systems of work and not to violate any rules and regulations.

5. Ensure all personnel have attended Safety Industrial Programmes.

6. Observe good home-keeping habits at working places at all times.

7. Ensure all work should be well organized.

8. Providing safe working condition and maintaining continuity of employment.

9. To develop adequate policies and procedures in order to ensure safe, efficient operating conditions.

10. Violations of Company rules and regulations will result in disciplinary action.

11. To believe the safety of employees and physical property can best ensure by a meaningful program.

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