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We have trained and experienced engineers and technicians

DD & I Engineering is more than just blasting and painting, we also engaged in activities like civil construction services which include area like building construction, structural construction, road construction services, and pilling construction. Our expertise doesn’t stop at only constructions, we likewise offer a satisfactory repair and maintenance solution such as plumbing, landscaping, electrical restoration and other engineering works.

We have since attained outstanding success in many past projects due to the presence of experienced and professional work force at DD & I Engineering. We delivered bespoke project through the combination of qualified management that are deep rooted with skills and knowledge while providing the best services to our clients at the most competitive prices. We handle all works and projects with zeal regardless the level of difficulties. Your constructions, repairs or maintenance will be closely monitored to ensure it meet your project is 100% completed, it meet your standard and your goal is reached at the best interest.

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