Corrosion Protection Services: Blasting and Painting


Auto Blast, Hydro Blast

DD & I Engineering offers a professional corrosion protection services majorly on blasting and painting of metallic instruments that need shielding from the effects of rusting for key offshore and onshore oil & gas industries and marine infrastructure. We made available several blasting and painting services such as auto blast, hydro blasting, and more traditional grit and steel ball blasting which are dedicated to improve the life span corrosion resistance performance.

We also provide full blast or spot blast that is capable of producing 7000m2 capacity in blast and paint material monthly. We are endowed with high tech blasting machines of different models such as LCQ3000 and LCQi1250 that are very safe and produce a perfect work. Apart from the innovative way of approach uphold in the company combine with the standard machines available to do all work, we are also blessed with high skilled blasters and painters who are IMM certified.

We are committed to provide the best solutions, best methods, best quality and best value for you in several areas like Shipyards, LNG Plants, Fabrication Facilities, Onshore Projects and many more. Our loyalty and quality services is dedicated to client’s success, happiness and productivity. You will never go wrong when you decide to trust us with your corrosion protection services as we navigate the highest level of difficulties to provide you with an excellent service.

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