Ship-to-ship (STS) Shipcare Solutions

At ASF Shipcare Services’ our focus is to be the bridge between various businesses and provide them with bespoke, competitive, and exclusive marine logistic services resulting in a Major Productive Boost for the region. Our mission is to create a Technological Empowered marine environment, providing the latest strategies and services to our clients so that they can compete with businesses all over the world.

For achieving the above mentioned, ASF Shipcare Services strives and specializes to offer exceptional services including Ship-To-Ship Transfers, Underwater operational services including Welding, Blanking, Plugging, and various repair works. We also provide exclusive Shipcare Solutions, Marine Logistics, and Husbandry Services inclusive of streamlined and uninterrupted freshwater flow.

Our ultimate goal is to get you back on the journey of endless possibilities. All our professionals are certified after passing through rigorous tests ensuring authenticity. Our mission is not only to bring out the best but to restructure your business, and maintain it alongside by provision of exemplary project management and consultancy so that our clients can have a prosperous business ahead.  It’s often the small changes that make the biggest difference.

Being a vocal advocate of environmental protection, ASF Shipcare Servicesprides itself on offering specialized Garbage Collection and Disposal services aiding to maintain and preserve our beautiful marine environment.

We strongly believe in Prepare now for the solutions of tomorrow and our ultimate goal is to serve our clients to prepare while our professionally sound experts develop solutions that would lead to a satisfied, prosperous and most importantly, respectful business environment

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