What is Blasting and painting?

Surface preparation works by method of Abrasive Blasting is a perfect method to get rid of contaminations on reminiscent of mill scales, rusting, chemical residue, grease and primarily prepares the steel surface for spray painting, coating, Hot Dip galvanic or alternative kinds of surface treatment thereafter.

Our company undertake the works of Abrasive Blasting at its own blasting chamber in Pasir Gudang yard in conformity to trade normal of ISO 8501-1.

Abrasive Blasting are appropriate and economical way for removal of any previous coating.

With our experience in blasting, we can restore surfaces to their original condition, clean them and prepare them for painting and coating. Blasting involves propelling a stream of abrasive material against a surface under high pressure. and economical for smoothing a rough surface, roughening a smooth surface, shaping a surface, removing existing coatings, and cleaning contaminants such as rust and scale. We use one or more types of abrasives, ranging from rough to mild, depending on the substrate and finish requirements.

Using our heated crusade spray booth, we apply a wide range of industrial coatings including primer, enamel, epoxy and high temperature paints. We offer a wide range of colors and coating options with robust SSPC compliant quality checks. Customers can specify the coating option and we can also help them navigate through the features and benefits of the different options. We offer coatings that provide different levels of protection against abrasion, corrosion, moisture, wear, etc.

Paintings and Coatings are available for insulation, noise reduction, flame resistance, color, visual appearance and more.

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